Purely You Sauna Detoxification

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Dr. Maulfair and I are delighted we have finally started our dream of bringing Mr. Hubbards sauna detoxification program to our friends and patients. Read all about it in "Clear Body Clear Mind" our Purely You sauna detoxification program will be exactly that program. It is for all people all ages and an absolute necessity if you want to be healthy in this day and age. Pick up the book in your local bookstore or call our office and order from us.

Coleen Maulfair

Here's the interview with Coleen Maulfair regarding toxins and your health.

Learn more about the toxicity of your environment
and how you can aid your body in dealing with it.

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Purely You Detoxification Program

Chemical contamination is not always recognized as a health problem when people visit doctors with complaints and illness. Chemical contamination originates from actual workplace exposures, cleaning products and other commonly used chemicals in the home, personal care products, perfumes, prescription drugs, street drugs and chemicals we ingest from the foods we eat and air we breathe. Recent popular press news has showcased problems such as chemicals used in plastic bottles and the fact the body stores chemicals it comes across, chemicals which cannot be readily eliminated. Medical doctors in general ignore these facts and common treatment protocol is more chemicals in the form of prescription drugs you are given for ailments. Chemicals affect every organ system in the body and can cause all variety of symptoms.

Years of studies on fat biopsies, blood tests and tissue samples prove the case. This is the science. Your body recognizes vitamins, minerals, oxygen, water, enzymes, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, fats as substances it can use for health and homeostasis. It operates at peak performance when all things needed for health are provided. When you eat food with chemicals in it, breathe air with contaminates in it, put creams on your body or perfume made with chemicals, you give your body a problem. The substances are not recognized as needed for health. They are recognized as harmful and your body directs deposit of toxins it cannot eliminate immediately in adipose tissue (fat tissue) and bone.

Some schools test children for lead levels by using blood tests, not effective. Our bodies do not permit toxins to remain in the blood stream for very long. These tests show recent exposures but not continuing exposure over time. The body protects itself by depositing toxins where they remain out of circulation. Think of a raw steak, you cut across it and muscles bleeds readily but the fat tissue on the rim does not, it weeps. Fat tissue has a low blood supply and stores contaminates until fat tissue is burned for energy and the toxins go back into circulation to be reabsorbed once again in the fat tissue.

Our sauna protocol is described in �Clear Body Clear Mind� by L. Ron Hubbard. Extensively researched and utilized for over 40 years it is a proven way to eliminate toxins from the body. It takes advantage of the body�s natural detoxification pathways and in a few weeks significantly reduces the levels of stored toxins. This program has been used to help people achieve wellness, it has assisted the victims of the Chernobyl disaster in the Soviet Union regain their health from exposures to radiation, it is used to help drug addicts overcome their cravings and damage done by drug use and has restored the health of many of our 911 rescue workers.

It works and people rave about the results they achieve.


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